Captain Cold

The first season of the CW Network’s “The Flash” has been spectacular! As it returned from a mid-season hiatus a couple of weeks ago, we learned that Captain Cold (played by Wentworth Miller) was back!

I also have on loan a manual macro lens for my camera that I thought I would try out. Was dismayed to discover a few action shots were lost during SD card transferring (another reminder to back everything up even if you doubt you will need it), but this one remained. The sun was shining just at the right spot to light up the ice “flame.”

Are you watching this new “The Flash” series starring Grant Gustin and Jesse L. Martin? I attended their PaleyFest panel that was shared with Arrow. It was fabulous. The cast is so cohesive and they were
having so much fun! Much laughter was had during that hour. Here are some photos I shot during the event: