Happy Easter!

“Just a little to the left, like this…”

Easter weekend is upon us and I thought this to be the perfect chance to use the bunny mama and bunnie babies from set 41087. Of course, the Series 7 Bunny Suit Guy (with substituted head to make her Bunny Suit Gal) is always a favorite. Then, obviously, CARROTS!

What makes creating these scenes all the more special is my feline photo stylists helping out. Today, Murdock assisted in positioning the little bunnies in just the right spot.

She also keeps me on track — reminding me that it was time to start preparing dinner rather than making alternate scenes with Star Wars characters and superheroes. Next holiday, she promised. Cinco de Mayo, maybe? I see the LEGO Movie’s taco guy making a visit…

Anyway, hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend, or Passover, or Lunar Eclipse weekend. Or all of them — however you celebrate! Here’s a photo I took while sleepily gazing at the sky through a viewfinder at 5 a.m. this morning, with a star to boot:

But back to the LEGO at hand…wishing all you bunnies a Happy Easter!