National Superhero Day

Today is National Superhero Day!

Realized I really need to step up my LEGO superhero minifigure game. I have these guys, as well as Catwoman, but I am never sure if she is considered a superhero or a villain. Comic buffs care to weigh in?

Also, I realize that my only Marvel guy is Iron Man.

But this day isn’t about an inventory of my minifigure collection… it’s a day to honor and thank heroes. Not just comic book heroes, but heroes of all shapes and sizes.

Who are your heroes…Manny Pacquiao, Darren Criss (#DarrenIsHedwig!!), your parents, grocery store cashier? A hero can be anyone!

Here’s one of my heroes and fearless photo helpers:

My cat not only helps me style LEGO photos, but is my constant companion and supporter and cuddlebug. Both of my cats are.

So, tell me. Who are some of your heroes on this Superhero Day? Shout it out on Twitter: @hellomaleka