Series 14: Halloween

Starting my collection of Series 14 minifigures (71010)…MONSTERS! Just in time for Halloween! (Well, a little early but hey, if Christmas stuff can already be out in stores, this is running late!)

Released on Sept. 1, 2015, this set features 16 wonderful and scary minifigures including the ones I’ve photographed here. The gargoyle is one of my favorites of the series, as well as the banshee, so had to get them in a photo and went to work building a concrete building for the gargoyle to protect.

Whoa, zombie business guy — look behind you!!

A wide shot of the setup. Ran out of light gray bricks so had to improvise a bit…and of course wolfman and Bigfoot come along and try to get some photos with the gargoyle.

Which is your favorite of the series?

Can’t find them in your local Toys R Us, Target, or other retailer? (My local Target had Series 13 freshly stocked today, lol) Get some bags from the online LEGO store! I know, not the same since you can’t figure out what’s inside and may get duplicates…but you know, I wouldn’t mind another gargoyle for the other side of this building. First, I guess I need more bricks to finish the other side!